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Liked the combinations

I liked that you had a 2D and 3D look to this. I read in an earlier comment that you used flash and After effects. Was this a movie that you converted in to an SWF or was this always a SWF?

Anyhow, I agree with people that say the fan bit was good. I also liked the bright colors.

aniforce responds:

I used flash to draw elements, and animated it in After Effects. The background and the pinguins came from Cinema 4D. It's embedded into a flash :)

Over all good.

I liked the music, it seemed like a nice tango and very Glen Milleresque. I don't think the color did much for the story. The ending with the two men being together was a bit cliche. I liked that the fire didn't go away, it followed. That was good. Over all not bad though.

Nicely done.

I liked this one better than the last two. I read that you got rid of the hand. My worries in reading that were for nothing. The pencil is more of a menace in this episode then the last. For that I'm grateful.

I liked the end after the main character gets his wishes then proceeds to throw his loot on top of the poor ladies on the boat. The other thing that made me chuckle was the fisherman's poor choice in what to cover himself with when he accidentally removes his own shorts. The music went well with the show. This is a great edition to the series.

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Lame Tittle

I liked the game in the fact that once you get going the mess of things in your way gets less and less. If you slow down the mess gets greater. Nice touch. Only problem I found was that I was moving so slow ('cus I missed the point of the right and left) that the song managed to finish playing before I got to the end and once it stopped it did not start over again. Over all good effort and yes I'd like to see a more robust version.

Sterance responds:

Thanks for the review! I will make the controls more obvious in the future (and make the song loop).

I won with a queen kicker...

The hand was 5,2,2,9,j the dealer had 7,3 and I had 10,Q.

But on a serous critiquing note. I think this game would be better if I knew what the pot was? Then I could know if the computer raised because it had a good hand. I read your rules but I was thinking strangest Texas Hold 'Em I ever played. Good overall effort though.

RodMagnuson responds:

I didn't make up the rules. It's a casino game in Vegas and Atlantic city. The dealer will never raise. I agree it would be nice to see what you've bet though. Thanks.

The music...

The music keeps repeating when you lose and have to go back. Might want to start the music on a different frame.

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I wanted to vote 0...

but the only thing in the star list with a 0 in it had a 1 in front of it. DAMN YOU NEWGROUNDS!!! Now flag it lik u said you wood. CAPS FOR NO REASON!!!

BTW (that means Bitchy Twat Waffel) I totally didn't listen to the whole thing before voting 0 just like you thought I would. HA! now ur Pwnd and I'll nevar listen to your stuffs before giving it a 0. :-P

WARNING: This is to be totally be taken seriously because all random internet people should be.

Stalagmite responds:

damnit. you exploit my loopholes... YOU ARE THE PORTAL LORD. you have exposed me... i am wounded.... your ten is a lie... the cake is a lie...... you have weakened me..... thank you for your abusive review! rofl. :D na but thanks man for listennig hehe. :D

Hate to burst your bubble AEPfx...

battleshield released this 10/30/2007. 6000 Year Peach released that song in December 2008. If anything they stole the musical phrases from battleshield. More info in iTunes:

Album: Soma Dose
Group: 6000 Year Peach
Song: Feel the Groove

battleshield responds:

And thank you very muuch Naxster! I searched it up and listened to it. My conclusion is that 6000 year peach used the same samples from Magix Music Maker as I did. So yes it sounds the same.
Thanks again for the help man!


Why if Henry Mancini was alive today I'm sure he'd be suing you right now. Seriously though, nice piece. I D/L'ed this a while ago and when it occasionally popped up on my iPod I never changed the tune. So kudos to you and all the band members.

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I like this for nostalgic reasons of the game 1942. I additionally like this piece because of the shading and color usage. The only problem I have is the plane seems to have great detail but the ship seems like you were getting tired of it and didn't give some definitions to the items on the deck. Over all an impressive work.

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